We Service Belts & Hoses

Belts and pulleys are responsible for the proper functioning of various engine components. The alternator, fan, air conditioning compressor, air injection pump, power steering pump and water pump all rely on the action of belts to run efficiently. Hoses and metal lines are necessary to deliver brake fluid, coolant, and fuel to engine and vehicle components. During the life of the vehicle, these parts crack, leak or rust, which indicates a need for replacement.

Belts and hoses, commonly become brittle, crack or split. You may notice an unusual squealing from belt slipping. You can prevent roadside breakdowns and expensive repairs by having belts and hoses routinely checked for wear and tear. The team of experienced technicians at Ford of Ocala Inc. will thoroughly assess your vehicle for potential problems during routine service appointments. Save yourself time, money and major headaches down the road by visiting us at Ford of Ocala Inc. for routine maintenance needs.
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