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Aligning Your Wheels Can Improve Your Experience

Have you ever noticed that in order to drive straight, you have to angle your steering wheel slightly one way or the other? This is more than likely due to your wheels being out of alignment, and that is why we here at Ford of Ocala Inc. want to be sure that you know the basics of wheel alignments.

Your wheels typically come out of alignment when you hit a pot hole or drive on uneven surfaces off-road or in construction zones. 

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Know the Maximum Load Capacity for Your Tires

Every vehicle is designed with certain carry capacities. The load carrying capacity defines the amount of load you can carry with that vehicle. In addition, the load carrying capacity also plays a role on the recommended tire pressure.

As such, it is important to match the recommended load index with the load carrying capacity to ensure the vehicle has the capacity to carry as much load as is recommended. Ignoring the specifics on the tire pressure could result in accidents, especially if the vehicle ends up overloaded, making it even harder to control when on the road. 

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