The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is Built for Excellence Off Road

What goes into making an off-road truck? For some enthusiasts, it's something they do themselves, modifying regular trucks with lift kits and all-terrain tires. For many trucks that come with an off-road trim level, the process is more or less the same—take the base truck and add on a few extra parts. A skid-plate here. A suspension lift there. Add an "off road" badge and call it a day.

The F-150 Raptor is another beast entirely.

Though it bears the Ford F-150 name, the Raptor was tailor-made by Ford Performance for high-speed desert racing, and sports significant structural changes toward that goal. Its axle track is 6 inches wider, making it more stable over uneven ground.

"Since it's essentially as wide as a lane of traffic, you can power slide it at, like, 70 mph without having to worry about going end-over end," says reviewer Zach Vlasuk.

It also uses FOX racing shocks, which helps it glide over bumps when the going gets tough.

Of course even the best off-roading vehicles can break down under the extreme demands of rock crawling, power sliding, and flying through mud. Always inspect your truck before and after heading out, and visit a qualified Ford service and repair center for maintenance.

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