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Know the Maximum Load Capacity for Your Tires

Every vehicle is designed with certain carry capacities. The load carrying capacity defines the amount of load you can carry with that vehicle. In addition, the load carrying capacity also plays a role on the recommended tire pressure.

As such, it is important to match the recommended load index with the load carrying capacity to ensure the vehicle has the capacity to carry as much load as is recommended. Ignoring the specifics on the tire pressure could result in accidents, especially if the vehicle ends up overloaded, making it even harder to control when on the road. 

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Selecting the Right Parts for your Vehicle

When your vehicle needs a new part, there's an almost overwhelming number of places you can get that part from. Why, then, should you choose to buy your parts from Ford of Ocala Inc.? When you buy from us, you know exactly what you're getting. We only offer factory-approved parts, so you know they will be perfect for your vehicle, without causing any extra problems of their own. If you don't buy from us, you don't always know what you're getting, and even if you do, you can't be entirely sure that the part…

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Keep your car in tip-top shape with routine oil changes

We're all so busy that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, let alone our vehicles. However, most of us get into the doctor's office when we're not feeling well, or at least schedule our regular check-ups. The same attitude should be applied to our cars! Keeping up with routine maintenance, for example, checking and changing your engine's oil, can greatly extend its lifetime and that means it'll be healthier and usable for many more years.

Here at Ford of Ocala we found the above video from Ford to be a helpful tip. If…

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