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We Service Belts & Hoses

Belts and pulleys are responsible for the proper functioning of various engine components. The alternator, fan, air conditioning compressor, air injection pump, power steering pump and water pump all rely on the action of belts to run efficiently. Hoses and metal lines are necessary to deliver brake fluid, coolant, and fuel to engine and vehicle components. During the life of the vehicle, these parts crack, leak or rust, which indicates a need for replacement.

Belts and hoses, commonly become brittle, crack or split. You may notice an unusual squealing from belt slipping...
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Tires: Getting A Grip

The road can be cruel to your vehicle. With hazards at every turn, it can be difficult to maintain the damages your car suffers over time. One of the worst damages you can receive is a flat tire. A flat tire is stressful, expensive and time-consuming to repair, but not all the damages your tires receive are so sudden. There are problems that can be difficult to notice, one such problem being tire wear. A tire’s grip wears down over time. Because of constant braking, the road erodes a little bit of your tire each time you stop. A…
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Signs That It's Time to Change Your Oil

Whether you've just purchased a new car or have had your vehicle for a while, you've likely heard that you have to get the oil changed about every 3,000 miles. This keeps the car in good working conditions, and can prevent major vehicle issues that can cost you more time and money in the long run.

In addition to checking the mileage on your car, there are a few other ways to tell that your oil needs to be changed. Here are some signs to look for to keep your car running smoothly.

Oil Color

Your oil…
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Road Trip Safety Tips for the Winter Holiday Season

Whether your home is in Ocala, Florida or with family across the U.S., traveling to spend quality time with loved ones is a top priority for many families this holiday season. The Ford of Ocala Inc. team is pleased to share some essential tips for your next road trip.

Winter Holiday Travel Tips

  • Schedule a seasonal service appointment in advance of your road trip. Cooler temperatures can damage tires and other components, and Ford service technicians can keep your car in great shape by checking your fluids, battery, belts, and more.
  • Starting to get drowsy from all the food…
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Keep your car in tip-top shape with routine oil changes

We're all so busy that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, let alone our vehicles. However, most of us get into the doctor's office when we're not feeling well, or at least schedule our regular check-ups. The same attitude should be applied to our cars! Keeping up with routine maintenance, for example, checking and changing your engine's oil, can greatly extend its lifetime and that means it'll be healthier and usable for many more years.

Here at Ford of Ocala we found the above video from Ford to be a helpful tip. If…

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Are You Changing Your Ford's Oil Frequently Enough?

If you want to keep your Ford in great shape, it's important to schedule regular oil changes. Oil keeps your engine running the way it should but over time, old oil can start to harm your engine; it's important to remove that old oil and replace it with new oil to keep your engine in good shape.

Many new vehicles need to have their oil…

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